Publication |

New article in Environmental Science & Policy by Fiona Kinniburgh on the governance of sustainability transitions and the politics of expertise

Newly published open access article examines the politics of scientific and regulatory expertise in pesticide regulation, an important issue for agricultural production and food safety. It offers a new perspective on the role of ideas and scientific knowledge in influencing political responsibility…

Award |

Student of the HfP receives Hochschulpreis des Wirtschaftsreferats

Luca Scotellaro (M.Sc. Politics and Technology, 2021) was awarded the Hochschulpreis des Referats für Arbeit und Wirtschaft by the City of Munich for his thesis on public participation in the urban mobility transition. His thesis titled "Westend-Kiez: The Co-Creation of an Urban Living Lab - A Case…

In the Media |

Prof. Dr. Astrid Seville in the BR2 Nachtstudio

As part of the BR2 Nachtstudio discussion, Prof. Dr. Astrid Séville talks about how freedom can be rethought and reports from her current research on how the meaning of the term renunciation is changing. For more information on the program and the recording, please visit BR Nachtstudio(german).

Event Report |

Prof. Tim Büthe presents his research about the lessons of World War I for the War in Ukraine at the German IR Scholars Meeting

At the first in-person gathering of the German International Relations Scholars (after a multi-year hiatus due to COVID), HfP Chair for International Relations, Prof. Dr. Tim Büthe, presented his research on what we might learn from World War I for better understanding the War in Ukraine and for…

Award |

Friedrich-Schiedel-Prize 2022 Award Winner: Prof. Kelly Gallagher

Prof. Kelly Gallagher from Tufts University receives Friedrich-Schiedel-Prize for Politics and Technology 2022 More informationen here.

Projects |

New DFG project under the direction of Prof. Dr. Katrin Paula

The German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund the research project “Security threats and fragile commitments: Stress-testing German support for human rights at home and abroad” led by Prof. Dr. Katrin Paula (Professorship for Global Security and Technology) for three years. The project will be…

University Politics |

2023 HfP Senate Election - Call for Election

On July 11, 2023, the representatives of the students in the HfP Senate will be elected. The election announcement and further information about the election can be found in the showcase on the ground floor and in the HfP Wiki under the section Wahlen, where you can log in with your TUMonline…

Projects |

New generative AI task force

The TUM Think Tank is setting up a task force to provide orientation and guidance on handling generative artificial intelligence to the policy, administration, community and business sectors. The group, representing various disciplines at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), will formulate… [read more]

In the Media |

Prof. Janina Steinert and Prof. Jürgen Pfeffer give expert interview on study on online-violence against Politicians of the European Parliament

The Austrian magazine Profil published a column by Ingrid Brodnig. She discussed the phenomenon of online hate and violence and how it is used against, especially, female Politicians. Amongst others the draws from a current study by Prof. Jürgen Pfeffer and Prof. Janina Steinert, which they…

Award |

Best Paper Award for Prof. Dr. Timm Betz

Timm Betz, with co-authors Diana Z. O'Brien (Washington University in St. Louis) and David Fortunato (University of California, San Diego), was awarded the Sophonisba Breckinridge Award from the Midwest Political Science Association for the Best Paper on the topic of Women and Politics. The paper,…