Course Schedules

The course schedules for the 2022/23 Winter Term

1. and 3. Semester

Modules with free study places

The purpose of preparatory modules (“Brückenkurse”) is to provide you with basic knowledge in political science or in engineering or natural sciences –that you may be missing depending on what you studied in your bachelor’s program and are expected to have.

Registration from 28.09.2022 in TUMonline. For first semester students, registration is only possible from 01.10.2022, as you must be enrolled for registration.

Please note: The prescribed registration procedure excludes a first-come / first-served allocation procedure.

Please check TUMonline shortly before the start of the lecture for the teaching format. If a room is indicated, the course will probably take place in presence, depending on the current Corona infection measures.

Please note:
The registration times for the other TUM Schools may be different and in some cases may start later. Under the links deposited with the professorships you will find the courses of the respective professorships in TUMonline. Dates and registration modalities could also be find there.
Registration is an asynchronous registration procedure and takes place in several registration periods and steps: You therefore first only register for the registration procedure of the respective course. Confirmed places are only allocated after the end of the registration period. Excepted from this are compulsory modules. For these courses you will automatically be allocated a confirmed place with a time delay (can take up to 24 hours).


28 September - 05 October 2022: first registration period

05 October - 11 October 2022: fixed place allocation for courses with limited space (political science elective modules) or exercises with several alternative dates

11 October - 18 November 2022: second registration period for modules for which places are still available.

Please check the first dates of the respective courses stored in TUMonline again shortly before the lectures start!

Further possible elective modules for the interdisciplinary part of the programme or the "foundational modules" can be found in your study tree in TUMonline.

In addition, further elective modules at TUM for the interdisciplinary area or the "foundational modules" are possible: Please send an informal request via email, stating the module number, the respective module description and the reason why the applied module would be important for your qualification profile to Ms. Jurik -

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program will probably be presented in a special session during your first semester.