Important Notice Concerning the “9-Euro-Ticket”

  • The solidarity contribution will be compensated as part of a one-time reduction of the contribution fee of 9 Euro upon enrollment or re-registration for winter semester 2022/23.
  • Individual refunds of the difference for summer semester 22 (e.g. for students who are no longer enrolled in winter semester 22) are unfortunately not possible.
  • Partial refund for the IsarCard Semester will be made upon application to the transportation company (MVG, DB, etc.) where you purchased the ticket. An online process for this is currently being developed.
  • Please note: Your semester ticket already counts as a “9-Euro-Ticket”. If you have a semester ticket, you do not need to buy a separate 9-Euro-Ticket to use local and regional public transport nationwide in accordance with the applicable regulations.

For more information about the fees and the payment options, please see the website of the Technical University of Munich.

One-off change to winter semester 2022/23

The Munich Student Union stipulates the level of student fees in its statute; the school collects these fees in accordance with Art. 95, para. 5, sent. 1 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Hochschulgesetz) on behalf of the Student Union and pays the money over to the latter. The fee per semester is currently EUR 138,00 and is compromises a basic contribution for the Student Union (EUR 75,00 per semester) and a solidarity contribution for the public transport semester ticket (EUR 63,00 per semester).