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Information Session – MSc Politics & Technology – September 2023

The presentation of the information session for new master students can be found here.

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New article is out: Sustainability challenges of artificial intelligence and Citizens' regulatory preferences

A new article by Pascal D. König, Stefan Wurster und Markus B. Siewert is published in the renowned journal ScienceDirect.

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Urs Gasser as Panelist at the NYU Digital Vision Forum

At the NYU Digital Vision Forum on September 22, the President of the Republic of Korea Yoon Suk-yeol along with NYU President Linda G. Mills, NSF…

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In the course of technological progress, politics and society are confronted with increasingly complex challenges.


Our range of studies is future-oriented, transdisciplinary and application-oriented.

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Bringing Politics & Technology Together

Politics, democracy and political science are facing major challenges: As a result of rapid developments, technological issues now play a significant, often the decisive, role in almost all fields of politics.

Anchored in a unique founding history of strengthening democratic education in post-war Germany, the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy has been an independent institution at the Technical University of Munich since 2014.

The associated integration of technical and natural sciences into political science and political dialogue has produced an internationally unique educational offering.

Numerous specialized professorships devote their research, teaching and knowledge transfer to current political issues, complex international interdependencies and the social opportunities and challenges in dealing with future technologies.


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