A Unique Profile - Bringing Politics & Technology Together

Politics, democracy and political science face a number of daunting challenges in the coming years. The dynamic evolution of technology means it now plays a key – and often defining – role in just about every field of politics. This is evident in the assessment of technological developments in the context of energy and environmental policy, in the opportunities arising from the almost infinite possibilities of data analysis, in the way digital media has created totally new ways to engage with political processes and in the acceptance of new technologies.

The Hochschule für Politik München offers students a unique profile on political science by giving them the opportunity to analyze the interactions between politics, society, the economy and technology.


In the course of technological progress, politics and society are confronted with increasingly complex challenges.



Our range of studies is future-oriented, transdisciplinary and application-oriented.






Research at the HfP focuses, among other things, on the interactions between politics, society, business and technology.