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2023 HfP Senate Election - Call for Election

On July 11, 2023, the representatives of the students in the HfP Senate will be elected. The election announcement and further information about the…

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New generative AI task force

The TUM Think Tank is setting up a task force to provide orientation and guidance on handling generative artificial intelligence to the policy,…

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Prof. Janina Steinert and Prof. Jürgen Pfeffer give expert interview on study on online-violence against Politicians of the European Parliament

The Austrian magazine Profil published a column by Ingrid Brodnig. She discussed the phenomenon of online hate and violence and how it is used…

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In the course of technological progress, politics and society are confronted with increasingly complex challenges.


Our range of studies is future-oriented, transdisciplinary and application-oriented.

TUM Think Tank

At our newly created think tank, we meet the social challenges of tomorrow with innovative formats and creative solutions.

Unique history and profile

Bringing Politics & Technology Together

Politics, democracy and political science are facing major challenges: As a result of rapid developments, technological issues now play a significant, often the decisive, role in almost all fields of politics.

Anchored in a unique founding history of strengthening democratic education in post-war Germany, the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy has been an independent institution at the Technical University of Munich since 2014.

The associated integration of technical and natural sciences into political science and political dialogue has produced an internationally unique educational offering.

Numerous specialized professorships devote their research, teaching and knowledge transfer to current political issues, complex international interdependencies and the social opportunities and challenges in dealing with future technologies.


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