The Munich School of Public Policy is a unique institution that stands out from other educational institutions. Our research and teaching are future-oriented, transdisciplinary and application-oriented. We combine classical political science and technical subjects. Together with the Technical University of Munich, we train political scientists for the challenges of tomorrow.

The effects and challenges of technological progress are numerous: energy transition, climate crisis, big data, artificial intelligence and mobility. Our researchers and students start here and study future technologies: In addition to classical content of political science, they participate in the events of the engineering and natural science TUM Schools.

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Organization and structure

The Munich School of Politics and Public Policy is committed to efficient management and actively involves its members in its further development. We are global, concerned about equality and committed to the greatest possible transparency.

Networking with practice

Our internship exchange provides students with internships opportunities and companies contacts to graduates. We accompany talent and support the career entry of future specialists.

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Friedrich Schiedel Award for Politics and Technology

Until the year 2023, we have conferred the Friedrich Schiedel Prize for Politics and Technology in collaboration with the Friedrich Schiedel Foundation and the Technical University of Munich to promote and communicate a deeper understanding of the interactions between politics, society and technology.

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