Essay for the application process

For the application process, please write an essay on the following topic:

The primary purpose of research is to improve our knowledge and understanding of the world.  In a well-structured essay of no more than 2,000 words (including footnotes/endnotes, references, etc.), identify an issue on which you might want to conduct research as part of your studies towards the Master in Politics and Technology.  Explain why the topic you have chosen is important, state the specific research question you would want to answer, and discuss why this question is interesting, given our current state of knowledge.  Then, provide a sketch of a research design: How might you go about conducting research that will help you answer your research question?

Please write your essay in English, make reference to pertinent literatures in Political Science, Public Policy Studies and/or other fields, be sure to properly identify your sources, format and proofread your essay before submission, and please report your word count at the end of your text (2,000 words is the maximum; more concise essays are welcome; the upper limit will be strictly enforced).

You are not allowed to use ChatGPT or similar tools in preparing for or writing your essay, nor for your motivation letter.  By submitting your application, you agree that your essay may be stored and analyzed electronically to help us detect plagiarism or the use of prohibited tools.

Letter of Motivation

Your motivation letter (in English) should:

  • state your name, the program for which you are applying, and your intended starting date;
  • explain how studying at HfP in the Master's Program in Politics and Technology would help you achieve your professional goals and ambitions and/or pursue your personal interests;
  • convey your preparation and suitability for study at the Master's level at the HfP/TUM;
  • provide these reasons for why you are applying in a well-written statement of no more than 800 words that is reflective of your ability to communicate in writing.

Admission Requirements for the M.Sc. Politics & Technology

Admission to the Master's program at the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy requires:

  • A qualifying bachelor's degree of at least six semesters or a minimum equivalent degree in:
    -    a political science study program
    -    a comparable social science study program or
    -    an engineering or natural science study program

as well as:

  • Adequate knowledge of the English language and
  • Passing the aptitude test

It is not possible to prove English proficiency by school grades (e.g. high school diploma).

Study Counseling

If you have questions about the potential comparability of a social science study program with a 
political science program, please contact the study advisor before applying.

Ivana Jurik
+49 89 907793 074

Information on virtual open office hours here.

Aptitude procedure

Procedure of the aptitude procedure for the M.Sc. Politics & Technology:


The aptitude procedure is a two-stage selection process.

1st stage:

In the first stage, the following criteria are evaluated:

  • Average grade of first degree (min. 140 ECTS)
  • Professional (pre-)qualification based on the following subject groups:
    -    Political Science Basics/Intensives (30 ECTS)
    -    Engineering/Natural Science component (30 ECTS)         
    -    Fundamentals of Business and Law (12 ECTS)        
    -    Mathematical-Statistical basics (12 ECTS)        
    -    Core Competencies e.g. language skills, soft skills (6 ECTS)
    -    Practical project (18 ECTS)
  • An essay in English of no more than 2,000 words on a topic to be announced on the website on 1 April.
  • A letter of justification of 800 words or less to be prepared in English.

Those who score 64 points or more in the first stage are admitted directly. Applicants with more than 55 points are admitted to the second stage of the selection process, which includes a selection interview.

If individual subject requirements are not met, applicants are required to make up certain basic modules in the first two master's semesters.

Evidence of professional competencies must be submitted with the application

If you believe that you have acquired further professional competences for the intended study program in addition to your relevant previous studies, please upload official proof of this (e.g. another transcript) in good time together with the transcript of your previous studies. After submitting the online application, you may no longer exchange or add to uploaded documents.

2nd stage:

As part of the second stage of the aptitude procedure, a selection interview will be invited. The date for the selection interview will be announced by the commission by e-mail at least one week in advance.

For detailed information on the eligibility procedure, please refer to the appendix of the subject examination and study regulations for the master's program in Politics & Technology.

Dates of the admission interviews for the Master's program

Selection interviews for the master's program are expected to take place in August and September 2023.

Apply Now

The application is made via the application portal of the Technical University of Munich.

The application period is 1 April 1 to 31 May. Outside of this period, the application portal for the master's program in Politics & Technology is not activated.

Helpful Tips

Please see our guide for a successful online application and the TUMonline tutorial on YouTube.

International applicants please check if you need pre-screening of your documents through uni-assist before applying.