Prof. Dr. Urs Gasser

Rector of the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy

Chair of Public Policy, Governance and Innovative Technology

e-mail: urs.gasser@tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 270
room: B.458

Prof. Dr. Tim Büthe

Chair for International Relations

e-mail: tim.buthe@hfp.tum.de
phone.: +49 89 907793 100
room: H.411

Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt

Chair of European and Global Governance

e-mail: eugenia.heldt@hfp.tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 011
room: H.403 

Prof. Dr. Simon Hegelich

Professorship of Political Data Science

e-mail: simon.hegelich@hfp.tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 130
room: B.354

Prof. Dr. Katrin Paula

Professorship of Global Security & Technology

e-mail: katrin.paula@hfp.tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 180
room: B.452


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pfeffer

Chair of Computational Social Science

e-mail: juergen.pfeffer@hfp.tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 200 
room: B.362 

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Chair of Environmental and Climate Policy

e-mail: miranda.schreurs@hfp.tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 220
room: B.256

Prof. Dr. Marianna Sebő

Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Economy

e-mail: marianna.sebo@tum.de
room:  B.254

Prof. Dr. Janina Steinert

Professorship of Global Health

e-mail: janina.steinert@hfp.tum.de
phone:+49 89 907793 321 
room: B.458

Prof. Dr. Yannis Theocharis

Chair of Digital Governance

e-mail: yannis.theocharis@hfp.tum.de 
phone: +49 89 907793 380
room: H.203

Prof. Dr. Lena Ulbricht

Professorship of Political Philosophy and Theory

e-mail: lena.ulbricht@hfp.tum.de
phone: Tel.: +49 89 907793 160
room: B.252

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wurster

Professorship of Policy Analysis

e-mail: stefan.wurster@hfp.tum.de
phone: +49 89 907793 250
room: B.260