Sustainability, democracy and emerging technologies

How can democracies advance sustainable development and what role do future technologies play in this?

How is it possible in democracies to implement sustainable political solutions, even against resistance, in order to be able to survive in regime competition with autocracies in the long term? Which governance and control instruments should be used to advance future technologies in policy areas such as digital, environmental or energy policy? What role do political actors such as parties, associations or NGOs play in the implementation of innovative and sustainable policies?

Research and teaching at the interface of politics and technology

In order to be able to answer these and similar questions, we at the Professorship for Policy Analysis deal with the challenges of sustainable policy design at international, national and municipal level, with comparatively designed policy field analyzes in the fields of innovation, digital, environmental and energy policy, with regime comparisons between democracies and autocracies, as well as with new forms and instruments of governance of future technologies.