For me and my team, the university is the place where students can actively and comprehensively qualify and further train themselves scientifically in accordance with Humboldt’s educational ideal. The core objectives of teaching at my professorship can be summarized in four points:

  1. In addition to imparting specialist knowledge, our teaching activities should help to improve the analytical skills of the students (ability to criticize and judge).
  2. The practice of scientific working techniques (method competence, research techniques, time management, teamwork, etc.) is intended to shape our teaching activities just as much as a practical conveyance of content.
  3. Our teaching activities should also guide students and motivate them to initiate and expand self-directed learning processes.
  4. After all, our events should offer enough space for open discussion in which as many of the participants as possible can actively participate. The core idea is to convey to the students that this is "their course" and that they can (co-) design it for their own benefit through active cooperation.

Through the varied use of different teaching methods and instruments (e.g., free writing exercises, brainstorming, group work, (pro/contra) discussions, expert surveys, planning and role plays, feedback rounds or self-assessment exercises) I and my team pursue the goal of creating a balanced distribution between phases of surface and in-depth learning in the courses, and to pick up as many students as possible.

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