Céline Lauer



Céline Lauer is a doctoral student at the Professorship for Policy Analysis, TUM School of Governance. She completed her bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the Technical University of Munich in 2014 with a thesis in the field of renewable energy and received the academic degree of a Diplomaticus scientiae politicae Universitatis in 2018 at the Bavarian School of Public Policy. Her current research focuses on the policy analysis of the energy transition in Bavaria.

The more substantial the challenge to a changing policy field is and the more dynamically the network of actors is, the more the demand for compromise can slow down a political process. Bavaria faces this challenge since its decision to accelerate the nuclear power phase-out. In her doctoral dissertation, Lauer analyses the path of the energy transition in Bavaria with focus on the network of actors. By comparing three case studies, the explanatory value of theory-based theses on energy policy are questioned. The advocacy coalition framework, theories of populism and the multilevel governance serve as theoretical approach.

Beside her doctoral studies, Lauer works as research assistant in the Bavarian Parliament since 2014. Furthermore, she volunteers as a local politician.