Richard Schenk




Since February 2017 Richard Janos Schenk is a PhD candidate at the Professorshipt for Policy Analysis at TUM School of Governance. Previously he studied at the Bavarian School for Public Policy from 2012 to 2017 and earned a diploma in political science. Since May 2019, he has also been a research assistant at the Chair of Political Science (Prof. Dr Wilhelm Hofmann).

His doctoral thesis deals with the transportation policy of the German Bundesländer (federal states). Due to the influence of state level politics in the decision-making process and the implementation of ths policies by the federal states, his research assumes a significant impact of the federal states on transportation policy. More precisely Richard Schenk analyses the influence of state politics in the decision-making for and implementation of transportation infrastructure projects. Among others his qualitative case studies involve the Third runway project at Munich Airport and the the A14 highway project between Magdeburg and Schwerin. Because research on transportation policy displays serious gaps, he uses a broad theoretical framwork to explain government activity. Six theories (power resources theory, socio-economic theories, party difference hypothesis, European hypothesis, parh dependency and veto player theory) are examined for their explanatory value and used for generating plausible hypotheses.

His research interests include studies of federalism and multi-level governance. Furthermore, already in his diploma thesis he dealt with local politics.