Professorship of Political Philosophy and Theory

In research, teaching, and social impact activities, the professorship deals with the fundamentals of political philosophy and theory, i.e. theories about the being, the supposed, and the design of political communities, institutions, and processes.

The professorhip's courses provide a systematic overview of the research field of political theory, methods, and procedures of political theory, as well as comparisons between different political theories. In addition, central concepts such as freedom, justice, and power are examined from various theories. A central topic of the chair is democratic theory: Here, central concepts such as sovereignty, representation, participation, and pluralism are analyzed and various models of democracy are taught, such as liberal democratic theory, republican democratic theory, elite democratic theory, etc.

The professorship places a particular focus on theories of technology and society and of technology and politics. For example, current controversies about democracy in digitalized societies are central here: the digital state, digital participation, surveillance, disinformation, resistance to digital technology, and technology regulation.


Vorträge |

Digital Democracies lecture series hosts David Runciman

Superhuman intelligent machines from the Leviathan to Meta: Giving away control of our lives to corporations, states, and AIs - and taking back control.

Meldungen |

New board of directors of the political theory and history of ideas section of the GPSA elected

Dr. Hagen Schölzel was elected to the new board of the "Political Theory and History of Ideas" section of the German Political Science Association (GPSA).

Publikationen |

New publication: How is political representation produced?

Dr. Hagen Schölzel and Dr. Jan-Peter Voß (RWTH Aachen) have published a book together called „Die Fabrikation von Demokratie. Baustellen performativer politischer Repräsentation“.