Chair for International Relations

The political science (sub-)discipline of "International Relations" is essentially dedicated to the study of the causes and consequences of transnational conflicts. The aim is to identify possibilities and conditions for conflict resolution, overcoming and avoidance, as well as to understand how profitable cooperation can be achieved for all parties involved (and to explain how this gain is then distributed), in order to ultimately not only be able to analyze already existing conflict situations, but also, if necessary, to point out new options for conflict resolution or mitigation.

Research and teaching at the HfP-TUM Chair of International Relations focus in particular on inter- and transnational economic relations. Another important focus of current research as well as part of the teaching is on the possibilities and limits of competition law and policy, especially when markets extend far beyond the boundaries of the legal system. Another important focus in research and teaching is technology governance - in particular, state and non-state "governance" of and by new technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital platforms. In this context, consumer protection, product development, food safety, health care, and innovation effects are of particular interest to the research and teaching unit headed by Prof. Büthe - as is the strengthening of democratic participation in technology governance. Staff members of the chair are also scientific experts in trade policy as well as the political causes and consequences of direct investments and development aid as well as political risk analyses in general.