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2022 HfP Senate Election - Call for Election

On July 5, 2021, the representatives of the students, of the academic staff, and of the other staff members will be elected to the HfP Senate. Please find the call for election and further information about the election in our showcase on the first floor and in our new HfP-ElectionWiki, which you…

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"The Marshall Plan at 75" Workshop for Students: Call for Applications

Continuing our engagement with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Chair for International Relations (Prof. Dr. Tim Büthe) encourages HfP-TUM students to participate in the 30 May 2022 workshop "The Marshall Plan at 75: Drawing Lessons for a World in Turmoil."

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How to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Europe?

Prof. Steinert, Henrike Sternberg, Hannah Prince,  and Prof. Büthe, in collaboration with colleagues at the London School of Economics and at the University of Trento, have published a new article in Science Advances. The study examines heterogeneity in COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy across eight…

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26.04.2022 10:00 - The Trade Off: Economics versus the Environment

You are kindly invited to attend online a special lecture by Ambassador Katherine Tai who was appointed as United States Trade Representative by Joseph R. Biden. As a member of the president’s cabinet, Ambassador Tai is the principal trade advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson on U.S. trade policy. …

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Presentation by Miranda Schreurs on the impacts of the Ukraine war and the European Sustainability Taxonomy on European debates related to future energy paths

Miranda Schreurs was invited by the Japanese organization, Genjiren (Power and Renewable Energy Organization), to give a presentation on the impacts of the Ukraine war and the European Sustainability Taxonomy on European debates related to future energy paths.  Miranda, who lived for many years in…

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Launch of the Re-Boot Social Media Lab

Friday, March 25, 2022 marked the launch of the Re-Boot Social Media Lab - the new initiative at the TUM Think Tank at the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy.  The Re-Boot Social Media Lab is an innovative, public good-oriented project that takes a collaborative, problem-based, and…

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The Nexus of Climate Change, Conflicts and Energy Security

As part of an event organized by the TUM University Group "100 Voices - One Planet" (100VOP), Dr. Stefan Ćetković, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Environmental and Climate Policy, will speak as an expert and provide insights into the impact of climate change and conflict on energy security…

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Exploring online misogyny: Project funding success by HfP professors Jürgen Pfeffer and Janina Steinert in collaboration with Prof. Sahana Udupa

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pfeffer, Professor of Computational Social Science and Big Data and Prof. Dr. Janina Isabel Steinert, Professor of Global Health at the Technical University of Munich, together with Prof. Dr. Sahana Udupa Professor of Media Anthropology and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich…

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Prof. Wurster in the RNZ podcast on the subject: Green-Black - Neither "Kiwi" nor complementary

"We didn't look for each other, but we found each other": This is what Thomas Strobl (CDU) said when the first green-black coalition in Baden-Württemberg came into power 2016. It was certainly not a “love marriage”, unlike the green-red coalition before. However, what was green-black? A…

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Lectures (DE+ EN) on the topic "Housing" by TUM Housing Support/TUM CST

The TUM Housing Support/TUM CST offers again lectures (DE+ EN) on the topic "Housing", tips around the search for housing. The lectures will take place in the period 08.03. to 24.03.2022. You can find more information here: …