Neue Publikation erschienen: How Authoritarianism Transforms: A Framework for the study of digital dictatorship

Ahmed Maati, zusammen mit Oliver Schlumberger, Mirjam Edel, and Koray Saglam, präsentieren die erste gesamtheitliche und grundsätzliche Erklärung, wie Digitalisierung autoritäre Herrschaft transformiert ! Schlumberger, O., Edel, M., Maati, A., & Saglam, K. (2023). How Authoritarianism Transforms: A Framework for the Study of Digital Dictatorship. Government and Opposition, 1-23. doi:


While digital technologies have induced profound global transformations, political scientists often lack the analytical tools to grasp their effects on politics. In particular, digitization's impact on dictatorships remains not only empirically understudied, but seriously under-conceptualized. How do new technological possibilities affect autocratic politics? This contribution starts from the inner logic of authoritarianism rather than from technical innovation. It first maps the ways in which autocrats employ various digital technologies to maintain power. This helps us identify seven core areas where dictatorial politics are transformed by the use of new tools. We delineate the key characteristics of these areas of change and conclude that, in their sum, technologically induced transformations significantly alter the nature of dictatorship if and when it is digitized.


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