New Scientific Article: Pradel, Theocharis und Zilinsky as co-authors

The study by Franziska Pradel, Jan Zilinsky, Spyros Kosmidis, and Yannis Theocharis explores when language on social media becomes toxic enough to warrant content moderation. Read the full study, published in the American Political Science Review, here...

New Research Project: ToxicAInment

In a world where platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are ubiquitous, visual entertainment not only shapes our leisure time but also influences our values and beliefs. This project takes a critical look at the dark sides of the popularity of these platforms. While, on the one hand, they…

New scientific article: Yannis Theocharis as co-author

In a scientific study co-authored by Yannis Theocharis, the perception of information regarding the Russian war in Ukraine is examined in information environments marked by institutional distrust, fragmentation, and the widespread dissemination of conspiracies and disinformation.

Workshop Tackles Content Moderation and Free Speech on Social Media

In a workshop titled "Content Moderation and Free Speech on Social Media," held on the 18th and 19th of October, participants delved into the cutting-edge developments in political science and communication research surrounding online incivility and content moderation.

Yannis Theocharis speaks at the Alan Turing Institute London.

Yannis Theocharis presents on Harmful Speech and Content Moderation Preferences on Social Media at the Alan Turing Institute in London.

Jan Zilinsky interviewed for ZEIT ONLINE

The interviewer Christoph Drösser asks about a study regarding the Russian influence on the US presidential election 2016 via Twitter.