How to Promote Health & Development: Policy Briefs

This is a selection of policy briefs written by TUM students as part of the Master's and Bachelor's course in "Global Health" and in "International Development, Poverty and Inequality" or based on their completed MSc or BSc theses. 

1. Addressing Health Challenges in Paraguay - Strategies for Improving the Incidence of Non-communicable Diseases
2. How to Improve Health in Kenya
3. The Fetal State of Male Contraception - Social, Economic and Structural Hurdles of Development
4. Improving Healthcare in Pakistan
5. Addressing Maternal and Child Health in Mali
6. Unpacking the Double Burden - Strategies for Improving Ghana´s Health
7. Improving health in South Africa
8. Improving Health in Ethiopia
9. Crucial Measures to Improve Health in Uganda
10. How to improve overall population health in Ethiopia?
11. Advancing Living Standards in Burkina Faso: Taking Health, Human Capital and Humanitarian Assistance into account
12. Chad’s health system in crisis: Better primary healthcare for communities in Chad
13. Assessing Health in Haiti
14. How to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Somalia