Dr Nikolai Bobylev

Associate Professor, Saint Petersburg State University;
Lead Scientist, Saint Petersburg Research Centre for Ecological
Safety of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Telefon: +49 (0) 15255708536
E-mail: nikolaibobylev@yahoo.co.uk; n.bobylev@spbu.ru

Project title: Updating Environmental Policy for Governing Urban Underground Space Resource Use

The project aims to explore an emerging subject – Policies for Urban Underground Space Use. Many cities have been starting to use their underground space more actively, not only for new construction activities, but for groundwater supply and geothermal energy use as well. This multiple resources use brings up new challenges related to conflicts between current and perspective users essentially competing for the same semi-renewable resource. Global urbanization and climate change challenges require addressing urban underground space as a valuable resource for sustainable renewable energy, but at the same time existing underground structures could be vulnerable to climate change impacts. All the above complexities require a fresh look at urban and underground space development policies. Policy research has to help setting up priorities in using above- and underground space in an urban context.

This research project brings together two experienced world leading researchers - Prof. Miranda Schreurs (Environmental Policy) and Dr. Nikolai Bobylev (urban underground space). The scientists aim to review urban policies gaps in terms of underground space governance and suggest broad direction of actions to be taken by city and national governments to ensure sustainable use of urban underground space.