Orestis Papakyriakopoulos

Raum: B.356

Telefon: 089/ 907 793 131

Email: orestis.papakyriakopoulos@tum.de


Website: political-dashboard.com



Orestis Papakyriakopoulos is researcher at the Bavarian School for Public Policy at the Technical University of Munich. He studied civil engineering (Dipl. Ing) at the National Technical University of Athens and philosophy of science and technology (M.A.) at the Technical University of Munich. In the past, he has served as an engineer, as well as in the communication and administration of science. Currently, Orestis is research associate in Political Data Science, analyzing new and old media by the application of data-intensive algorithms, as well as the political impact of the use of data-intensive algorithms themselves. He is co-creator of the political monitoring website political-dashboard.com, which provides a live overview of the German political landscape on-line.

Key Publications

  • Papakyriakopoulos, O., Hegelich, S., Shahrezaye, M., Medina S., J. C. (2019). Distorting Political Communication: The Effect Of Hyperactive Users In Online Social Networks. IEEE Infocom Workshops 2019. Author's copy
  • Papakyriakopoulos, O., Hegelich, S., Shahrezaye, M., Medina S., J. C. (2018). Social media and microtargeting: Political data processing and the consequences for Germany, 5(2), 1-15.
  • Medina S., J. C, Hegelich, S., Shahrezaye, M., & Papakyriakopoulos, O. (2018). Social Media Report: The 2017 German Federal Elections.

Latest Presentations & Talks

  • Papakyriakopoulos, O. (2019). Scraping the demos from text: Political Research in the age of data-intensive natural language processing. In: Scraping the demos, Political Epistemologies of Big Data. Berlin 8-9.July 2019
  • Papakyriakopoulos, O. (2019). Manipulation on social media. Trierer Gespräche, Trier University, Germany
  • Papakyriakopoulos, O. (2019). The algorithmic manipulation of political communication on social media. Ringvorlesung Digitalisierung, Passau University, Germany

Latest Media Contributions