Saurabh Dhawan

Room: B.356

Tel.: 089/907 793 131


Twitter: @xSaurabh

Sprechstunde: by appointment, please contact by email


Saurabh Dhawan is a researcher at the Bavarian School of Public Policy at the Technical University of Munich. He studied biology at the University of Delhi and Psychology and Neuroscience at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. 

His current work in the Political Data Science group has a two-fold focus:

  1. Using computational methods to study the formation, flow, and manipulation of opinions within and between news and social media. 
  2. Using insights from ecology, psychology and political science to characterize and fine-tune non-programmed emergent behavior in Artificially Intelligent agents such as Large Language Models.

Key Publications

  1.  Dhawan, S., Hegelich, S., Sindermann, C. & Montag, C. (2022) Re-start social media, but how? Manuscript submitted for publication.
  2. Shahrezaye, M. , Dhawan, S., Steinacker, L., and Meckel, M. (2022). Contextualizing the Contagion: Diversity in Framing Elements Used by Established and Alternative News Media in Germany. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  3. Dhawan, S., & Hegelich, S. (2022) R for Social Media Analysis. In Sloan L. & Quan-Haase A. (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods. SAGE Publications Ltd.   
  4. Dhawan, S., & Hegelich, S. (2022) From Outside In: Profiling, Persuasion and Political Opinion in the Age of Big Data. In Baumeister, H., & Montag, C. (Eds.), Digital phenotyping and mobile sensing: New developments in psychoinformatics. Springer Nature Switzerland AG. 
  5. Jonikaitis, D., Dhawan, S., & Deubel, H. (2019). Saccade selection and inhibition: motor and attentional components. Journal of Neurophysiology121(4), 1368-1380.
  6. Dhawan, S., Deubel, H., & Jonikaitis, D. (2013). Inhibition of saccades elicits attentional suppression. Journal of Vision13(6), 9-9.