An important characteristic of the Chair of European and Global Governance is its diverse and thoughtfully designed range of courses. As part of the Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Master of Science Politics & Technology programs, we teach fundamental knowledge and expertise in lectures, seminars, and tutorials. Our research focus on international relations and methods of empirical social research in political science is the foundation of our research-oriented and up-to-date teaching. An overview of the current courses offered can be found here.

Winter term 2023/24

(POL24100) Specialization Module International Relations (European Integration - International Organisations)SE
(POL60701) Digital Transformations in Europe (Seminar 1 + 2)SE
(POL61500) Global Governance, Ethics, and Technology (Seminar 2)SE
(SOT86511) European and Global Governance -Seminar 1SE
(SOT86511) European and Global Governance -Seminar 2SE
(SOT86704) Global Economic GovernanceSE
(SOT86704) Global Economic GovernanceSE
(SOT86705) Disruptions in Governance and TechnologySE
(SOT86705) Disruptions in Governance and Technology -Seminar 2SE
Chair Colloquium European and Global GovernanceKO
Crash Course International Relations - Basics (for exam retakers)UE
POL61500) Global Governance, Ethics, and Technology (Seminar 1)SE