Instructions for Requesting a Letter of Reference

If you need a letter of reference to apply for a scholarship, Master's or doctoral program, please note the following requirements:

  • Above-average completion of at least one class offered by Prof. da Conceição-Heldt (grade 1,0 – 1,7)
  • Personal meeting during office hours to discuss your application (Please contact the secretariat for an appointment)

After confirmation from Prof. da Conceição-Heldt, please submit the following documents to the secretariat:

  • Information regarding the recipient, submission deadline, and type of letter (open or closed, language, pre-existing form, etc.)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Academic transcript (including current classes)
  • Statement of purpose

Please submit your documents at least four weeks in advance of the submission deadline and make sure that your documents are complete. During term breaks requests may take longer to process due to conference attendance and travel. After completion of the letter of reference we will send it confidentially to the recipient. Please note that we can support no more than two applications per student with a letter of reference.