Research Seminar of the TUM-GOV Center for Doctoral & Postdoctoral Studies

Winter 2020/21

The Research Seminar meets Thursdays, 12:15 - 13:45 via Zoom, unless otherwise noted


3 December 2020:
Carlos Lastra-Anadón (IE University), Kenneth Scheve (Yale) & David Stasavage (NYU): Learning to Love Government? Technological Change and the Political Economy of Higher Education

10 December 2020:
TUM-GOV PhD Candidates and Postdocs: Virtual Holiday Mixer (details to follow)

17 December 2020:
Janina Steinert (HfP/TUM School of Governance): "Commitment or Concealment? Impacts and Use of a Portable Saving Device Evidence from a Field Experiment in Urban India"

7 January 2021:
Amy Pond (HfP/TUM-GOV) & Ryan Brutger (Berkeley): "Individual Preferences for Competition Policy"

14 January 2021: Presentation of HfP COVID-19 Research

21 January 2021:
TUM-GOV PhD CANDIDATES' PRESENTATIONS: Manzura Jumaniyazova: "The Role of Birth Order and Parents' Preferences for Sons in Child Development" and Luca Messerschmidt: "Political Consequences of FDI: How Time and Distance Matter"

28 January 2021:
Cindy Cheng (HfP/TUM-GOV) & Shahryar Minhas (Michigan State University): "Parsing Codependence in Trade and Conflict"

4 February 2021:
Christian Djeffal (MCTS/TUM-GOV): "Mission Driven Innovation and Artificial Intelligence"

11 February 2021:
Zlatina Georgieva (HfP/TUM-GOV): "Interactions through Soft Norms in the EU Multi-Level Space: The Cases Competition Enforcement and Telecommunications Regulation"



Winter 2019/20

The Research Seminar meets Thursdays, 12:15 - 13:45 in H.001, unless otherwise noted

24 October 2019
Florence Dafe (HfP/TUM School of Governance): "Financialization and the Rise of Third-Party Funding in Investment Arbitration“

31 October 2019
Milan Svolik (Yale University): "Democracy in America? Partisanship, Polarization, and the Rubustness of Support for Democracy in the United States“

7 November 2019
Katharina Pistor (Columbia University, Law School): "THE CODE OF CAPITAL: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality"

14 November 2019
Dr. Veronika Diem, Hedwig Bäcker (TUM Library): "Search & Publish: Introduction to the Research Support Services for Doctoral Researchers at the TUM University Library", 12:00 - 14:00


21 November 2019
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu (National University of Singapore): "Sources and Benefits of Innovation: Evidence from Public Organizations"

18 November 2019
Anita Gohdes (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin): "From Politics to Cyberspace: State Control of the Internet"
Note: Also serves as the opening keynote for the TUM-GOV Center for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Scholars' Annual Emerging Scholars' Workshop

5 December 2019
No regular Research Seminar; instead: Munich Talk with Henry Farrell on Weaponized Interdependence

9 January 2020
Sebastian Pfotenhauer (MCTS & TUM School of Management): "OF BITS AND PRETZELS AND BUREAUCRACIES: Regional Innovation Cultures and 'Conservative Innovation' in Bavaria"

16 January 2020 (12:00 - 14:00)
Fiona Kinniburgh (HfP/TUM School of Governance): "STRONG AND WEAK INTERACTIONS:  How Private Agricultural Standards are Transforming International Pesticide Governance."
Robert Csehi (Hochschule für Politik an der Technischen Universität München): "STUDYING POPULISM IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Venues for Contemporary and Future Research." 

23 January 2020 (13:00 - 14:00 at the Bavarian American Academy, Barerstr.19)
Danielle Lupton (Colgate University): "Promise, Opportunities and Limitations of Experimental Research for Security Studies in IR",
For this event, please register in advance.

30 January 2020
Velomahanina T. Razakamaharavo (Hochschule für Politik an der Technischen Universität München): "HumanAIze: Putting Humans at the Center of the Integration and Deployment of Artificial Intelligence into International Peacekeeping."

13 March 2020
André Kaiser (Universität Köln): tba


Summer 2019

The Research Seminar meets Thursdays, 12:15 - 13:45 in H.001, unless otherwise noted


25 April 2019
Christel Koop (King's College London): "Policy Diffusion, Political-Economic Institutions and the Creation of Independent Competition Authorities in Developing and Emerging Economies"
Joint event with the TUM-GOV and LMU-GSI IR Joint Speakers Series, at HfP/TUM-GOV

2 May 2019
Doing Your Doctorate at the TUM: An Introduction/Orientation for New Doctoral Candidates with Stefanie Lernbecher and Tim Büthe (TUM School of Governance)

9 May 2019
No seminar

16 May 2019
Robert Csehi (HfP/TUM School of Governance): "Between Nationalism and Anti-Imperialism: Populist Politics of Euroscepticism in East-Central Europe"

22 May 2019 (Wednesday, 12:15 - 13:45)
Alexander Thompson (Ohio State University): "Once Bitten, Twice Shy? Investment Disputes, State Sovereignty and Treaty Design"
Joint event with the TUM-GOV and LMU-GSI IR Joint Speakers Series, at HfP/TUM-GOV

28 May 2019 (Tuesday, 12:15 - 13:30)
Alexander Morell (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn)
Joint event with the TUM-SOM Behavioral and Empirical Work in Progress (BEWIP) seminar

6 June 2018
Mrinalini Kochupillai (HfP/TUM School of Governance): "A Blockchain-Facilitated Marketplace for Heterogenous Seeds and Plant Genetic Resources? Possibilities and Limitations"

13 June 2019
Santiago López Cariboni (Universidad Católica del Uruguay): "The Politics of Basic Services in Developing Countries: Why Electricity Service is a Collective Good, Informal Insurance, and Redistributive Tool at the Same Time"
Joint event with the TUM-GOV and LMU-GSI IR Joint Speakers Series, at GSI 20

20 June 2019
No seminar (Fronleichnam)

27 June 2019
Markus B. Siewert (Technical University of Munich): Electoral Competition between German Political Parties over Digital Technologies: Beyond Digital Front-Runners vs. Digital Late-Comers?

4 July 2019
Paul K. MacDonald (Wellesley College): "Repertoires of Power Politics and the Crisis of the Liberal Order"
Joint event with the TUM-GOV and LMU-GSI IR Joint Speakers Series, at GSI

11 July 2019
Miranda Schreurs (HfP/TUM School of Governance): "Comparative Energiewenden: China, the EU, and the United States"

18 July 2019
Publication Strategies for Young Researchers: A Journal Editors' Roundtable with: Berthold Rittberger (co-editor in chief, European Journal of Public Policy), David Levi-Faur (founding and continuing co-editor, Regulation & Governance) and Tim Büthe (associate editor, Business and Politics; co-editor in chief, Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, 2015-2018)
Advance online registration requested at

25 July 2019 (in H.004)
David Levi-Faur, (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Architectures for Regulatory Intermediation: Global Finance as a Case Study





Winter 2018/19

The Research Seminar meets Thursdays, 12:15 - 13:45 in H.001, unless otherwise noted


8 November 2018
Dr. Veronika Diem, Hedwig Bäcker (TUM Library): "University Library TUM: Search & Publish"

15 November 2018
Sandra Eckert (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main): "Corporate Power and Regulation: Protecting Consumers and the Environment in the European Union"

28 November 2018
Christian Rauh (WZB – Berlin Social Science Center): “Executive Responses to EU Politicization”

6 December 2018
Daniel Schulz (TUM School of Governance): "EU Macroeconomic Coordination after the Crisis: The Role of the European Semester”

13 December 2018
Laura Mahrenbach, Mirco Schönfeld (TUM School of Governance): "Changing Power Relations and Agenda-Setting in Club Governance of the Global Economy"

20 December 2018
Anastasia Shesterinina (University of Sheffield): "Mobilizing under Uncertainty: From Fleeing to Fighting in War-Time Abkhazia"

10 January 2019
Richard Schenk (TUM School of Governance): "Is the Berlin Airport Everywhere? A Comparison of Transport Infrastructure Policies in Germany"; Vellah Kedogo Kigwiru (TUM School of Governance): "Regional Regulation of Market Competition in Africa: A Comparative Analysis"

17 January 2019 (Joint Research Seminar with TUM-Fakultäts-Graduiertenzentrum für Maschinenwesen)
Craig N. Murphy (Wellesley College and Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study): "Engineering Rules: Engineers and Voluntary Private Standards in Global Technology Governance"
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23 January 2019 (Wednesday - at LMU-GSI)
Martin Binder (University of Reading): "With “Frenemies” Like These: Rising Power Voting Behaviour in the UN General Assembly"

31 January 2019
John Zysman (University of California, Berkeley & Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy): Beyond Hype and Despair: Developing Healthy Communities in the Era of Intelligent Tools"

7 February 2019
Johannes Gerschewski (TUM School of Governance): "A Typology of Institutional Change"; Tobias Rommel (TUM School of Governance): "Foreign Direct Investment and Citizen Support for Autocratic Rule"