Research Seminar of the TUM-GOV Center for Doctoral & Postdoctoral Studies

The Research Seminar meets Thursdays, 12:15 - 13:45 in H.001, unless otherwise noted


8 November 2018
Dr. Veronika Diem, Hedwig Bäcker (TUM Library): "University Library TUM: Search & Publish"

15 November 2018
Sandra Eckert (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main): "Corporate Power and Regulation: Protecting Consumers and the Environment in the European Union"

28 November 2018
Christian Rauh (WZB – Berlin Social Science Center): “Executive Responses to EU Politicization”

6 December 2018
Daniel Schulz (TUM School of Governance): "EU Macroeconomic Coordination after the Crisis: The Role of the European Semester”

13 December 2018
Laura Mahrenbach, Mirco Schönfeld (TUM School of Governance): "Changing Power Relations and Agenda-Setting in Club Governance of the Global Economy"

20 December 2018
Anastasia Shesterinina (University of Sheffield): "Mobilizing under Uncertainty: From Fleeing to Fighting in War-Time Abkhazia"

10 January 2019
Richard Schenk (TUM School of Governance): "Is the Berlin Airport Everywhere? A Comparison of Transport Infrastructure Policies in Germany"; Vellah Kedogo Kigwiru (TUM School of Governance): "Regional Regulation of Market Competition in Africa: A Comparative Analysis"

17 January 2019 (Joint Research Seminar with TUM-Fakultäts-Graduiertenzentrum für Maschinenwesen)
Craig N. Murphy (Wellesley College and Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study): "Engineering Rules: Engineers and Voluntary Private Standards in Global Technology Governance"
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23 January 2019 (Wednesday - at LMU-GSI)
Martin Binder (University of Reading): "With “Frenemies” Like These: Rising Power Voting Behaviour in the UN General Assembly"

31 January 2019
John Zysman (University of California, Berkeley & Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy): Beyond Hype and Despair: Developing Healthy Communities in the Era of Intelligent Tools"

7 February 2019
Johannes Gerschewski (TUM School of Governance): "A Typology of Institutional Change"; Tobias Rommel (TUM School of Governance): "Foreign Direct Investment and Citizen Support for Autocratic Rule"