Public talk and discussion: Online Violence in the Brazilian Electoral Context on 08.12.22 and 09.12.22

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As part of the research project "Understanding, Detecting, and Mitigating Online Misogyny against Politically Active Women", Prof. Janina Steinert and Prof. Jürgen Pfeffer organise two public talks with discussion tackling recent findings in the wake of the Brazilian elections this year.

Billions of people use social media every day. Many of them discuss political topics online. Radicalization, extreme speech, and in particular online misogyny against politically active women have become alarming negative features of online discussions.
This interdisciplinary research project, employs mixed-methods approaches to three case studies in Germany, India, and Brazil to better understand the content and dynamics of online misogyny against politically active women and to develop methods for early identification of such emerging dynamics. The project will also features social science tools to involve the general public in the process of identifying emerging campaigns of online misogyny against politically active women. A goal is to develop policy briefs and regulatory approaches to address online misogyny.

For this event, the two speakers give insights from their work as experts in the field of online violence and misogyny in particular:
Natália Leal is the chief executive officer at Agência Lupa, the first fact-checking news outlet in Brazil. Her work against disinformation with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil won her the Knight International Journalism Award and her visualisations became known over continents.
Prof. Mariana Valente is an assistant professor at the University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland. Her research focusses on the intersection between law, technology and society, especially in regulating the digital economy and fundamental rights in the online environment. She has experience in equity policies, gender equality, access to knowledge, culture and education, intellectual property, the impact of technologies on democracy and social mobilization, and data justice issues. Besides her position at the University of Saint Gallen, she is also one of the directors of the Brazilian INTERNETLAB, an independent research center that aims to foster academic debate around issues involving law and technology, especially internet policy.


Everyone who is interested in the topic is invited to join the two events on Thursday, 08.12.22, 16:00-17:00, and Friday, 09.12.22, 11:00-12:00, either in the Munich School for Politics and Public Policy (room B.158) or online via Zoom at tum-conf.zoom.us/j/7634156324 (Password: 000374).

The project is a collaboration of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pfeffer (Associate Professor of Computational Social Science & Big Data) and Prof. Dr. Janina Steinert (Associate Professor for Global Health), both at the Munich School of Public Policy, Technical University of Munich), Prof. Dr. Sahana Udupa (Professor of Media Anthropology at LMU Munich), their teams, and subject matter experts in India and Brazil as well as with media partners and affected female politicians.

This project is funded by the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (bidt).