Nigar Muradkhanli

Ph.D. Kandidat
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs, Prof. Dr. Stefan Wurster

Ph.D. Title: The Politics of the Natural Gas Commerce in the German Energy Transition. Case study: Germany-Russia relations


Nigar Muradkhanli is a doctoral candidate at the Bavarian School of Public Policy, whose research is about the politics of international energy cooperation with a case study of natural gas cooperation between Germany and Russia. In her research, gas relations between the two states are examined through the prism of several factors. The research reveals the interaction of politics and economics in international energy cooperation. Particular attention in this research is paid to the influence of relevant actors on international relations between states. Among other issues, the research examines both states’ domestic, foreign and trade policies in relation to natural gas, as well as the private entities involved in the cooperation. In this research, energy cooperation is viewed through the prism of international relations and the relations between governments and their respective national companies.

Nigar studied economics and political science respectively in Baku and Berlin. She was awarded three grants for her doctoral research, by DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union, and the Internationalization Grant of TUM School of Governance. Prior to her doctorate, Nigar had managed large-scale international energy conferences for about ten years. She speaks good German, fluent English, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani. Her areas of ​​expertise include energy and economic security, interstate relations covering issues such as international energy cooperation, government-private sector interaction. Nigar is an author of several academic publications covering her research area, and had the chance to make a small contribution to the third edition of the “Historical Dictionary of the Green Movement” by Miranda Schreurs and Elim Papadakis.

Key Publications

Contribution to the “Historical Dictionary of the Green Movement” (third edition) by Miranda Schreurs and Elim Papadakis.

Natural Gas Geopolitics of the Energy Transition. 3rd HAEE International Conference “Energy Transition: European and Global Perspectives”. 3-5 May 2018. Athens, Greece.

Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel into a Sustainable Future for Germany. IAEE Energy Forum. Second Quarter 2016.

Facing the Future of the Driving Forces in the Eurasian Gas Sector. IPPEAN 2015 International Conference organized by the Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis. New York, the USA. June 2015.

Economic and Geopolitical Trends of the European Gas Market. Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. No 4, 2014.

The European Gas Supply Diversification in an Economic Context. Journal “Scientific News of ASEU”. Baku, Azerbaijan. 2013.

The Economic Assessment of the European Shale Gas Perspectives. Journal of the L`Association 1901 "SEPIKE". Germany / France. 2013.

The World Trade in Oil - the Main Trends and Relations with Global Finance. The 11th International Scientific Practical Conference “Scientific Discussions: Economics and Management”. Moscow, Russia. March 2013.