Bringing Politics and Technology together – successfully shaping society

Overcoming new challenges

As technological progress continues apace, policy-makers and society are faced with increasingly complex challenges. Expertise in a single discipline is no longer sufficient to develop broad-based solutions.

With its new structures, the Bavarian School of Public Policy in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) provides the ideal setting to develop and fine-tune your political skills and to shape society.

Our expanded course offerings

Alongside the traditional sub-fields of political science, we address the following topics in our courses:

  • Processes of innovation and transformation both in Europe and abroad,
  • Consequences of growing digitalization for politics and society, and
  • Political governance and evaluation systems for technologies and their communication.

Career opportunities

Upon graduating from HfP, you will demonstrate excellence in the following tasks:

  • Analysis and comparison of political systems,
  • Research in areas such as environmental or information policy,
  • Analysis of international relations, and
  • Collection and evaluation of empirical data, for example, via surveys.

Political scientists are employed as advisors to political decision-makers, in the media sector, in the strategic and PR departments of corporations, in market and opinion research, in public administration, in political education and in research at political science institutes and universities. Other potential employers include political parties, party-affiliated foundations, associations and trade unions, international organizations as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations and working in developement cooperation.

Our new location: Brienner Forum

The Bavarian School of Public Policy is ready to take off. We not only have new course offerings; we also have a new location in the Brienner Forum building. These modern premises located in the city center and close to the Technical University of Munich will provide a professional study environment.

Bringing Politics and Technology together - Bavarian School of Public Policy