Veronica Becker

Researcher & Project Manager




Veronica Becker joined the Professorship of Policy Analysis at TU Munich as a researcher and project manager for the "EuroTeQ Collider 2022" project in February 2022.

Originally coming from a Bachelor in Geosciences from TUM and LMU, and with a great passion for nature and earth processes, Veronica wanted to learn more about the consequences of human impact on our ecosystems, which lead her to the studies of Environmental Engineering at TUM, where she specialized in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach. For her Master thesis, she established a Theory of Change approach for a bottom-up urban farming initiative to strengthen food sovereignty and environmental protection in Mexico. 

Veronica initiated and implemented the student organization Plant a Seed, a unique interdisciplinary educational project for sustainability at TUM. Plant a Seed was awarded as a "promising practice" by the UN Habitat Youth Initiative and as the first Sustainable Living Lab at TUM. With the intention to advance sustainable measures and inspire other universities to follow, Veronica brought Plant a Seed to Mexico, where she was working with a local initiative and local students to work towards food sovereignty and capacity building.