EuroTeQ Collider at TUM

EuroTeQ Collider 2022

What is the EuroTeQ Collider?

The EuroTeQ Collider is a challenge-based learning format and was created by the EuroTeQ universities. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) joined forces with six leading universities (Paris, Eindhoven, Tallinn, Prague, Copenhagen, Munich) of science and technology to foster the European spirit in a EuroTeQ format, the EuroTeQ Collider. The goal is to promote an innovative engineering education across Europe. ’Collider’ is the chosen term to emphasize a core value that the most creative and innovative solutions often emerge from the collision of ideas from a diverse group.

At each of the six EuroTeQ universities, the EuroTeQ Collider project weeks take place at the same time, with local colliders working independently. During these project weeks, interdisciplinary and heterogeneous groups consisting of students, vocational trainees and employees from various companies work on different challenges.

The best projects are then selected by an independent jury and the teams are invited to the EuroTeQaThon. At this international event, the winning teams from the local colliders meet and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with participants from the other colliders, improve their projects by incorporating feedback from peer-reviews. The final pitches are evaluated in front of a high-level jury consisting of representatives from industry, European public institutions, NGOs and the EuroTeQ Advisory Board. The final winners of the EuroTeQaThon will be invited to present their projects to the European Commission.


Theme of the EuroTeQ Collider 2022: Leave no waste behind

The way we live today generates massive amounts of waste. Many initiatives are aware of this fact and try to stop this trend by optimizing processes and reducing the amount of waste. But there is still a lot to do! Waste is everywhere, not only in the use of packaging, the overuse of natural resources, the non-use of surpluses or the non-management of certain types of waste (chemical and nuclear waste). It also results from the non-optimization of certain processes (energy losses in electricity generation, efficiency of extraction of certain materials), from our inability to find sustainable alternatives (fossil fuels) or to consume differently (buy instead of repair). The process of waste reduction has just begun. What contribution will you make to succeed in leaving no waste?


Project description

The "EuroTeQ Collider" module gives learners the opportunity to practically apply and deepen their knowledge in the context of the "Leave no waste behind" theme. On the overarching theme, we offer challenges in three subcategories: 

    Cities (e.g., construction/buildings, public lighting, roads, ...).

    Energy (e.g., renewable resources, transportation, data, ...)

    Consumption (e.g., food, plastics, fashion, ...). 

In each category, interdisciplinary (and international) teams of students, trainees and professionals are formed to develop solutions for a desirable future, test and validate tools and prototype their solutions. The goal is to connect participants with different profiles and personalities to boost creativity, innovation and shared understanding, enabling participants to imagine new approaches and design disruptive solutions.
All teams are prepared for the project weeks with various workshops (team building, design thinking, project management) at the beginning of the collider. Afterwards, the teams work on their challenges in groups and are guided by the Collider team and the challenge collaboarots as mentors with regular mentoring sessions. An intensive working weekend is the highlight of the local TUM Collider, with the goal to boost the productivity and motivation of the groups. During this weekend, teams receive coaching input on their presentation skills and feedback on their pitches.
The winners at the TUM level are then selected based on their final presentatio at the end of the collider project weeks. The winning teams are then invited to the EuroTeQaThon, and eventually to Brussels. 

Join the EuroTeQ Collider as a Challenge Collaborator and/or participant

1) Become a Challenge Collaborator and submit a challenge on the topic "Leave no waste behind". Challenges can be submitted by companies, TUM chairs/ professorships /program coordinators or students and trainees. Please fill out this template and send it to 

2) Become a participant: Interested students can register in TUMonline. The module can be found as "EuroTeQ Collider". Interested trainees/employees from companies can register as participants via email. Contact: