The TUM Graduate School promotes international and intercultural cooperation among young scholars and scientists early on, even before they have completed their doctoral study, while also promoting the development of global networks through various measures.

Depending on belonging to one of the following groups:

there are various possibilities of requesting and obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses, conference/meeting fees, costs of accommodations, etc., in order to attend conferences or workshops in other countries and for time spent doing research in other countries. It is also possible to request additional funding for time spent doing research in other countries for at least four consecutive weeks.

In addition, candidates can apply for the Partnership Mobility Grant, which provides funds for longer periods spent doing research at TUM partner universities.

Funding can also be requested under the Diversity Supplement Travel Grant for additional travel expenses that apply due to family obligations and/or particular health/other needs.

For further information on the various tools used to promote internationalization, please click here.

The graduate center is happy to advise you on the options available to you in a specific situation and can help you apply for individual measures.