Doctoral Procedures

Qualification Program Documentation

The goal of the doctoral program at TUM is to provide you with a scientific and scholarly education at the highest possible international level. As a result, you are required to complete a qualification program in addition to submitting a dissertation in order to earn the doctorate. This program is intended to promote and support the doctoral candidate’s subject-specific and interdisciplinary skills, thereby providing optimum support for the doctoral project.

The required elements of the qualification program at TUM-GOV are:

  • At least two years of membership at the TUM Graduate School
  • Participation in the kick-off meeting
  • Participation in at least three subject-specific courses, each of them for at least two weekly hours per semester
  • Regular and successful participation in the doctoral candidate seminar/colloquium offered by the primary supervisor’s research and teaching unit (if offered)
  • Submission of a dissertation proposal (requirements)
  • Feedback session (recommended after two years)
  • Participation in academic life at TUM-GOV
  • Public presentation at the university regarding the candidate’s own research (alternatively, presentation at a scholarly/scientific conference)
  • Presentation and discussion of the doctoral research project within the international subject-specific community: typically at least one publication in an international peer-reviewed journal

Please submit the relevant documentation via your DocGS account.

DocGS will automatically activate the “Submit Dissertation” function after the required program has been completed.

There are also various voluntary courses available.

You can submit additional documentation regarding programs completed voluntarily by the end of your doctoral study, specifically up until four weeks before the oral exam.