Supervision Agreement

If you have received confirmation of supervision, the next step is to enter into a supervision agreement with your supervisor. This agreement sets out the key points of the planned doctoral candidacy and the individual building blocks of your further scholarly and scientific training and education. The names and contact information of the secondary supervisor and mentor who are to place your academic integration on a broader basis are also set down in this agreement.

The template for the TUM-GOV supervision agreement is available here. The supervision agreement is a prerequisite for registration in the doctoral candidacy list. It governs the supervision relationship and can be adjusted later on.

Registration as a Doctoral Candidate

After your supervision agreement is entered into, you are required to apply for registration as a doctoral candidate. This step is required for all doctoral candidates at TUM. To do this, an application is submitted via the DocGS online portal. This application is submitted to the department graduate center, together with the required documents listed there.

Please note: Your application cannot be processed unless and until all documents have been submitted in full and with the required signatures.

When your name is added to the doctoral candidacy list, you will automatically become a member of the TUM Graduate School. This membership must exist for at least two years.


If you have been admitted to doctoral study and have registered as a doctoral candidate, you can either enroll at TUM (which we expressly recommend!) or obtain visiting status.

Enrollment is associated with payment of tuition and fees, but it also includes all of the benefits of student status, such as access to the Semesterticket transit pass and general discounts. It is voluntary for doctoral candidates and is allowed for a maximum of six semesters.

Visiting status is not associated with any costs. As a visiting scholar or scientist, you can obtain guest access to the IT services at TUM. To apply for vising status, please contact the graduate center. Visiting status always requires a statement of consent from your supervisor (which he/she can make by simply sending an e-mail to the graduate center; there is no need for a particular form).