One hundred voices, one planet - video project on climate change

How are people around the world experiencing climate change? How is your own life changing today? A group of students from the Munich School of Politics wants to survey over 100 people around the world.

Students should show in their own projects in online formats such as films, videos or podcasts how technological change can affect individuals and entire societies.

Worldwide call to participate in the video

Ophelia Wach, Arianne Blais, Laura Lucaj, Vanessa Zwisele, and Georgie Joy came up with one of several projects. They want over 100 witnesses of climate change from 100 countries, from Japan to Guatemala, to have their say with their individual experiences. Over 1200 people worldwide have to take part in order to achieve the goal: the video should be ready for the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2021.

The project is already a success. Miranda Schreurs, Professor for Environmental and Climate Policy, said:

“This project is more than just something for our seminar. It has social effects that go beyond Germany and Europe and can strengthen climate awareness worldwide. It could also flow into the Think20, which proposes ideas to the G20 (group of the 20 strongest economies and the EU) ".


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