DVPW-ÖGPW-SVPW Joint International Political Economy Conference

15–16 June 2020

Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach of the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The HfP/TUM School of Governance International Relations Research Group is honored to host the first joint International Political Economy meeting of the Austrian, German, and Swiss Political Science Associations at the TUM facility Raitenhaslach in June 2020.  Please see the CfP below for details.

Local Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr. Tim Büthe
Dr. Tobias Rommel
and the member of the HfP/TUM IR Research Group

Call for Proposals

We hereby invite proposals for papers to be presented at the first joint IPE conference of the Austrian, German, and Swiss Political Science Associations at the Technical University of Munich's Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach.  We welcome papers from any theoretical perspective and using a variety of methodological approaches to examine the political drivers and consequences of international economic relations and the global economic order.

Please send informative abstracts of no more than 250 words by Monday, 2 March 2020 to both: ipoe@dvpw.de and ipe@hfp.tum.de.

Proposals, papers, and presentations may be in English or German.

In selecting papers for the conference, we will seek to ensure that the papers presented will reflect the diversity of IPE traditions, as well as gender and national origin.  We are particularly committed to providing opportunities to doctoral students/candidates, postdocs and non-tenured faculty to present.

To encourage and facilitate the participation of junior scholars, we will provide two nights' free accommodations in Burghausen/Raitenhaslach for the 30 best submissions from pre-tenure scholars, thanks to the support from our local host, Tim Büthe, Chair for International Relations at the Hochschule für Politik at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).