The Munich School of Politics and Public Policy tradition as a meeting place for political science, political education and political practice is amplified and augmented by various lecture series. Starting in 2017, we will set a milestone with the Munich Talks, in which we invite distinguished political scientists who have left a mark on our way of thinking and research. This series will also include well-known politicians and policy makers – who design today’s European and global governance, e.g. through leadership positions in the large international organizations – as the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy guests who bring political science to life for the general public. Other lecture series, also in collaboration with the Academy of Political Education and the International Press Club, are in planning.

In our new “Career Paths” event series we hope to give students an overview of professional opportunities, for example. The list of potential career fields for political scientists is long, ranging from political consulting, PR and media, administration, research, associations and policymaking to private enterprise. Yet, many jobs have their own very specific job descriptions that require special key qualifications. It is, thus, all the more important to stake out career goals early on and to acquire the respective skills. In the context of our new “Career Paths” lecture series, we will invite representatives from academia, business, politics, media and industry on a regular basis. This will give you firsthand insight into the opportunities and challenges of individual professions and allow you to establish initial personal contacts.

We will also host further public events in cooperation with other Munich institutions.

With this concept, we hope to establish the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy as a place of lively discussion and exchange, and thereby foster close ties between academia and political practice.