Cindarella Petz, M.A.

Office: B.358
Phone: 089/ 907793 – 203


Cindarella Petz has been working as a research associate at the Department of Computational Social Science and Big Data at the Bavarian School of Public Policy of the Technical University of Munich since the end of 2017. She is currently working on her doctorate in digital history, an interdisciplinary research project at the interface of history and computer science.

Cindarella's research focuses on historical network research and the history of political extremism. Previously, she studied history and art history at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the University of Edinburgh and at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Selected publications

2018: Petz, Cindarella. "Between Tartan and Tallit: On Zionism in Scotland." In: Kaplan, Harvey (et al.), Two Hundred Years of Scottish Jewry. Glasgow: Scottish Jewish Archive Center in Association/International Institute for Jewish Genealogy.