Arguments for an Ethnographic Sensibility - Essay von Prof. Lisa Herzog


Prof. Lisa Herzog and Bernardo Zacka recently published a fieldwork in Political Theory, developing "Five Arguments for an Ethnographic Sensibility".

The article makes a positive case for an ethnographic sensibility in political theory. Drawing on published ethnographies and original fieldwork, it argues that an ethnographic sensibility can contribute to normative reflection in five distinct ways. It can help uncover the nature of situated normative demands (epistemic argument); diagnose obstacles encountered when responding to these demands (diagnostic argument); evaluate practices and institutions against a given set of values (evaluative argument); probe, question and refine our understanding of values (valuational argument); and uncover underlying social ontologies (ontological argument). The contribution of ethnography to normative theory is distinguished from that of other forms of empirical research, and the dangers of perspectival absorption, bias and particularism are addressed.

You can find the article here.