Studying at HfP. Photo: A. Eckert

Studying at the Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP)

A fresh take on Political Science – shaping successful society


Courses began in the 2016/17 Winter Semester

Our new Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (B.Sc.), based on a unique concept both in Germany and worldwide, will commence in the 2016/17 Winter Semester.

Applications were accepted every year from May 15 to July 15.

The next application phase is planned between May 15 and July 15, 2017 (cut-off date, no postmark).

Other courses, including a Master’s program, will be introduced at a later date.


Future technologies of relevance to society. Photo: A. Heddergott

Our objective is to give students a thorough understanding of political science in all its different facets accompanied by a basic knowledge of the technologies which will be of relevance to tomorrow’s society. The Bavarian School of Public Policy has a unique approach to this task, focusing on future-oriented, transdisciplinary, and applied research and teaching. In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), our school is dedicated to educating the next generation of political scientists.


Additional benefits of joint study at HfP and TUM. Photo: U. Benz

Bachelor's students at the Bavarian School of Public Policy are also registered at TUM, giving them access to all the same facilities and services as TUM students.